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Meet Justin Cateron

I'm a passionate web developer with the unique ability to work on front-end designs built in Photoshop, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as back-end development utilizing PHP and SQL.

I currently work at CMRignite. I'm working on a TOP-SECRET project - want to check it out? Stay Tuned for more info...

Some of the skills that were needed to work on the TOP-SECRET project were PHP, JavaScript, Angular, MySQL, custom API's, HTML & CSS. To set up the custom API's - Cloud Servers were used, SSL, & auto deployments to capture data and then send that data to different servers.

My Latest Work

Please enjoy some of my work below. I've created websites for businesses, charities, churches, and personal blogs. Most of these websites were developed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and MYSQL. I've also used MODX and Wordpress.
Be sure to check out a few of them!


J3 Competition

Ankeny Chiropractor

Optimal Health Sports and Family Chiropractic

The Crystal Gallery

The Crystal Gallery

Fox Shooting Sports

Fox Shooting Sports

Blinds By Design DSM

Blinds By Design DSM

Good Vibes Yoga

Good Vibes Yoga

Goodman Law, P.C.

Goodman Law

The Big Yellow Bike

The Big Yellow Bike

The Reconnection

The Reconnection


We Are Frends





Hawkeye VanGinkel Lawn & Snow

Hawkeye VanGinkel Lawn and Snow

2M Outdoor Services

2M Outdoor Services



What do I enjoy doing?

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life!

1. Web Development

I enjoy all different types of web development. I like to hear someones idea or ideas and make their idea a reality online. Whether its a phone application, a web application, or a website - I enjoy it!

2. Web Services & API's

In addition to being able to create my own/customized web services or API I've also used the following API's: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Sendgrid, Adobe EchoSign, Twilio, Rackspace, AWS, Stripe, Google & many more...

3. Consulting

I enjoy helping others accomplish their goals or ideas. Creating custom scheduling calandars for booking needs or using cloud servers, load balancers, & redundant back ups of data are a few ways I've done this.

4. Social Media

Don't miss out on the social boom! Customized posts, customized pages, or maybe you'd like to put all of your photos, posts, or events on your website. I can help you out!

5. Ideas

Do you have an idea that you'd like to talk about or maybe an idea that you'd like to turn into reality?
Then contact me...

6. Launch a Product

Are you ready to launch a product or service? I've worked with/helped many different start ups accomplish their goals. Just drop me a line and let's create something!

My Strengths

Problem Solver

My Resume

My Education
2003 - 2012


Bachelors of Science - Upper Iowa University

Graduated from Upper Iowa University - with honors (Summa Cum Laude - 3.9 GPA). Majored in Management Information Systems. Core compentencies System Analysis & Design, Web Development, Quantitative Decisions in Business, Information System Strategies, Database Management, Management Information Systems, Management Principles, Excellent Communication Skills – both written and verbal.

Work Experience

2022 - NOW

Director of Web Development - CMRignite

Takes charge of a versatile team comprising developers, project managers, UI/UX specialists, and digital strategists. Collaborates on website redesign projects for esteemed clients like the National WIC Association, EBSA, APHIS, and others.

  • Developed an automated migration script for over one thousand pages, significantly reducing the workload for authors. This solution saved hundreds of hours that would have been spent on manual editing and authoring tasks.
  • Pioneered the creation of a distributable/updatable website marketing material portal, empowering clients with a centralized platform for marketing creative toolkits and resources, ensuring seamless accessibility for partners and agencies.
  • Builds & maintains richly-interactive Gutenberg blocks, leading all web development initiatives, and seamlessly collaborating with cross-functional teams to bring visions to life.

2003 - Present

Web Development - Contractor

Creating innovative ways to integrate business processes with technology we can find ways to automate everyday tasks. Translating user or business requirements into design concepts and implementing the new concept into reality. See my projects below...

2021 - 2022

Director of Webservices - Flying Hippo

Directed a multifaceted team comprising developers, account managers, creative personnel, and strategists at a prominent digital marketing agency based in Des Moines. Skillfully steered diverse projects from initial concept through to successful completion, ensuring seamless integration of creative and technical elements to deliver outstanding results for clients.

  • Implemented a process to create auto-updatable WordPress themes and plugins using GitLab’s CI/CD tools and WordPress Packagist.
  • Packaged and deployed (composerized) many custom plugins.
  • Created an automated system that utilizes Cbord’s API and updates different locations menus daily.

2016 - 2021

Digital Manager/Lead Developer - Meyocks

Played a pivotal role in converting digital strategies into functional and engaging websites, online tools, and comprehensive digital marketing programs. My focus was on effectively bridging strategy and technical execution to craft a cohesive digital presence for a diverse clientele.

  • Built and maintained custom software for a large client. This software reduced the total time the client used to produce marketing materials by 90%.
  • Put into effect a development process for digital projects. Allowing all developers to work on any project, anytime, anywhere.
  • Developed an interactive large touch screen game for trade shows, the end result was so successful we created an iOS application for our client.
  • Led a team of developers, plans & analyzes projects, builds custom applications and websites using JavaScript, Angular, React, jQuery, PHP, HTML, CSS, other JavaScript libraries, and MySQL.

2014 - 2016

Dev Ops/Lead Developer - Midwest Basement Systems

Took leading part in designing and launching 'Stowify', a custom SaaS application aimed at enhancing customer communication. This initiative successfully amplified the company's messaging impact, resulting in an impressive 300% increase in customer response rates.

  • Used Adobe EchoSign API to sign contracts on any device – contracts are uploaded and digital signature areas are added on the fly based on the contract type
  • Integrated the application with Adobe Sign’s API to digitally sign contracts and Twilio’s API to send and receive text messages.
  • Setup application to run on Rackspace Cloud Servers using load balancers, LAMP servers, database server, and a CDN. Used GIT for version control and DeployHQ for auto-deployments of code.

2013 - 2014

Web Developer - Slash Web Studios

Hand code HTML & CSS for responsive custom websites, write PHP & JavaScript programming for web applications, and create other custom software.

  • Give detailed projections on hours for budgeting and manage the scope of projects while also communicating the overall project status
  • Use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Underscore, PHP, & MySql on a daily basis to customize websites or web applications
  • Used API's from Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, Sendgrid, FoxyCart. Also wrote custom API's
  • Worked on more than 70 different projects – ranging from a custom social network to a product management/tracking system


Technical Administrator - FBL Financial

Oversee daily operation of corporate technical systems. This includes internal or external networks, operating systems, mainframe environments, and other business systems.

  • Converted 26 printed reports to an electronic format, saving over 450 hours of printing and thousands annually in materials
  • Used Windows Powershell Scripting to automate the counting of pages and log the details for thousands of documents

2005 - 2013

Workflow Analyst - Edwards

EDWARDS specializes in the coordinated use of print and electronic media with fulfillment, distribution services and inventory management to create full-service marketing campaign management for clients.

  • Increased productivity by 25% in the highest revenue generating area by using workflow analysis
  • Planned, analyzed, designed and implemented a program called PrintFlow throughout the company; also provided detailed projections regarding capacity utilization, final approval dates and final ship dates to department leaders


Testimonials are enough to convince people for now.

The Big Yellow Bike

Excellent web developer. Justin created everything exactly the way we wanted it. Thank you!

Dave Welch


Thanks to Justin Cateron for all the hard work on the IM4RM site. It looks awesome!

Caleb Pike


Justin has done an excellent job and for the first time since we opened in 2001, we are proud of our website.

Jeffrey L. Goodman

  • David Welch
  • Caleb Pike
  • Jeff Goodman

Skills & Expertise

I really enjoy web development - turning an idea into reality.












Web Services & API's


Font Awesome


Web Development


Social Networks


Wordpress or MODX


MS Office


Cloud Servers


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